Duggar Family Gets A New Driver: Do You Know Him?

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Duggar Family

The Duggar family has a new driver. However, he is too young. He is none other than the family?s ?cutest? guy James Duggar. Yes! James Duggar has cleared his driving test. The Duggar family has happily announced the news on their official FaceBook page. In the picture, James is seen with an officer.

James is just 15 years old. He has already appeared on Duggar family?s show ?19 Kids And Counting On?. He is getting loads of wishes from the Duggar family followers on social media for clearing his driving test. ?Congratulations, James, be safe on those roads. Arriving late some place is better than not arriving at all, are the same words we told our children and our grandchildren,? a fan commented.

In this recent month, the Duggars are highly active on social media. They are sharing a number of happy moments. A few hours ago, the Duggars shared a picture of Jessa Duggar?s 9 month old baby, Spurgeon. In another picture, Spurgeon is seen with Jinger Duggar and her fianc? Jeremy Vuolo.

Duggars have confirmed that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick have returned from Central America. ?We are so thrilled to have Derick, Jill and Israel back home with us, and are so thankful God kept them safe while they were on the mission field. We know they will only be here for what will feel like a short period of time, but we plan to enjoy every second they are here with us!? Duggar?s wrote on Facebook.

The family is also promoting ?Courting On: Season 2?. They have officially confirmed that the first ten episodes of ?Courting On? will be aired on Tuesday, August 23 at 8/7c on TLC . The show will highlight Jinger?s courtships. The Duggars have written on their website that throughout the season, viewers will watch Jinger and former professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo as they experience all the exciting firsts of a new, budding courtship. The family has teased the possibility of John David, Joseph and Josiah pursuing courtships.

Jessa will reveal her adoption plans. It looks like Duggar clan has completely ignored the eldest son of the family, Josh Duggar. Josh is nowhere in the ?Counting On? promo. His parents are not speaking about him on social media.

Do you feel the upcoming show will be successful without Josh?

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