Duggar Family 2016 News & Updates: Joy-Anna Will Be In Trouble Due To Forsyth?s Rules?

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The Duggar family has announced the courtship of Joy-Anna Duggar. But, the interesting update is Joy-Anna?s fianc??s family is strict too.

Joy-Anna is a very daring and bold girl. Her new man, Austin Forsyth, and his family has a set of rules for the family members. The Forsyth family members are not allowed to wear modest clothes. They are against premarital sex. The Forsyths can have their first kiss only on their wedding day. Everyone has to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to start working.

The Forsyth family members are not allowed to close their bedroom doors. According to Us Magazine, the family was hosted in a TV show called World?s Strictest Parents season 1.

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Is Joy-Anna okay with Forsyth?s Rules?

Joy-Anna may not find it difficult to adjust with the Forsyth?s family rules. This is because the Duggars also follow similar rules. The Duggar girls always wear decent clothes, which cover their shoulders, thighs and cleavage. They will not consume alcohol while going out for a dinner date. Jill, Jessa and Jinger did not kiss their boyfriends before tying the wedding knot.

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The Duggars girls can give a side hug to their beaus and hold the hands only after the engagement. Whenever they have to meet their boyfriend, they must take a chaperone with them, according to TLC.

The Duggar Family Fond Of Austin?

For the Duggars, Austin may probably be the best guy. A couple of hours ago, they wished him a happy birthday. ?Happy 23rd Birthday, Austin! We had a great time going on our double date with you and Joy this weekend!

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We are loving the time we are getting to spend with you as you and Joy court, and we are so excited to see what the Lord has in-store for you and our sweet Joy!? Duggars wrote on their Facebook page. Jill-Derrick, Jessa-Ben have congratulated Joy-Anna for finding a great guy.

Austin is from well-established family. His parents own Fort Rock Christian Family and will be a great testimony for his goodness and provision for a spouse! Camp and Retreat Center in Combs, Arkansas. ?He and Joy have honored the Lord Congratulations to Austin & Joy!? Austin’s parents wrote on Facebook.

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