Duggar Family Update: Joy knocked off her feet! Not in a brutal way you’ll love it

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Duggar Family

Fans were all giddy and excited for the Duggar Family as Joy announces the start of a possible relationship with long-time friend, Austin. On Tuesday, the 19-year-old admitted that she and Austin have now entered the courting stage after 15 years.

As Joy introduces her soon-to-be boyfriend to the Duggar family, another Duggar daughter is indeed one step closer to walking down the aisle.

Someone knocked Joy off her feet, Duggar family approves?

As per the Morning Ledger, the Duggar family is known for their strict values, believing in courtship and forbidding their children to be intimate with their partners until marriage. That being said, did Austin pass the Duggar family standards?

On the last special episode of Counting On, Austin was sitting next to Joy when he asked everyone if he could formally court her after a decade of unofficial, but somehow romantic, bond between the two of them.

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Duggar Family

The sweetest Duggar announcement took place after Joy?s older sister, Jinger Duggar, tied the knot with Jeremy Vuolo just three months after making their relationship public. Austin said he chose that day and place (seems like a church) because like Joy, he is also a deeply religious person.

?I just knew that this was the place that I wanted to ask her,? he shared.

?It?s a place that I?ve come many times just to get away and spend time with the Lord,? he added.

Well, it seems like Austin knows how to work his way into the Duggar family. Great job man!

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The ninth oldest daughter

Meanwhile, the International Business Times reported that Joy is actually the ninth eldest in the Duggar family. Moreover, she?s the fourth daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to enter into a courtship, which the family prefers to call as a ?date with a purpose.?

?I was not expecting this. So happy,? Joy reiterated.

?And (of course) I said yes!? she ended.

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