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DrumPants: A Wearable and Customizable Drum Set in Your Pants

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DrumPants: A Wearable and Customizable Drum Set in Your Pants

drumpants-1The era of portable musical instruments has been with us for some time now. Keyboards are getting smaller and smaller and some even fit right inside our tablets and mobile phones. Even drum sets or ?beat? machines have become easier to lug around from venue to venue.

With recent technological advances in music, we are now seeing the dawning of wearable musical instruments.

Last year, tech and music aficionados were treated to the MJ v1.0 or the Machina Midi Jacket, an actual wearable jacket that enables drumpants-5the wearer to create musical pieces through gestures. This year, the jacket has a matching leg-wear ? the DrumPants.

The DrumPants is a kit that someone wears underneath their….yes, pants . The kit contains sensors that allows the user to produce drumpants-2digital beats just by tapping on parts of their legs. DrumPants utilizes ?sensor strips? that are remarkably thin that it can easily be worn beneath our clothes.

DrumPants, in its website, explains that their basic DrumPants Kit features sensor strips that can be worn in various ways using velcro attachments that can be placed on the thighs and the feet (for foot pedals, what else).

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Video: Drum Pants: An Entire Band In Your Pocket ( DrumPants / YouTube)



drumpants-4DrumPants explains that these sensors are attached to a control mechanism ( a wearable box) that sends data to a mobile gadget like an iPad . They add that over a hundred high quality beats and drum sounds are built inside the mechanism and it can also be used to manage other apps designed to create music such as Loopy or DMI. They also emphasize that the DrumPants technology is not limited to music systems but can also be used to manipulate other software drumpants-3programs like presentation apps and video games.

More than just a boon for musicians, the DrumPants technology is a preview of how digital systems used in certain industries, creative or business enterprises, can be applied to a wide array of applications.

Definitely, this is one technology and business idea worth ?drumming to? in the months to come.

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