Dropbox launches Carousel, a photo and video gallery app for iOS and Android

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Along with the launching of Mailbox for Android and turning on the new Dropbox for Business features, the company introduced a photo and video gallery app for iOS and Android.

Official statement of Dropbox said, “We?d like you to meet Carousel: a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life. It combines the photos in your Dropbox with the photos on your phone, and automatically backs up new ones as you take them. Carousel sorts all these memories by event so you can easily travel back in time to any photo from any date.?

And unlike other mobile galleries, Dropbox said the size of a users Carousel is not constrained by the space on their phone, ?which means you can finally have your entire life?s memories in one place.?

The company not only made a way for users to share those memories, in addition Dropbox said that they have built private conversations into Carousel in order to relive entire events with family and friends once they are shared.

“With Carousel, you can share hundreds of photos in the same amount of time it?d take to send just one by text. Even more, you can capture an event from every angle by saving the photos others share with you,” Dropbox said.

With every photo and video automatically organized and always at users fingertips, Dropbox said that the introduction of Carousel to the world, the launching of Mailbox for Android and the turned on new Dropbox for Business features, are only the first step towards making Dropbox a home for life.?


How many photos can I put in Carousel?

The only limit to the number of pictures you can put in your Carousel is the amount of space in your Dropbox. If you have a 100 GB Dropbox account, you can have up to 100 GB of photos (that?s about 40,000 of them!) and videos in your Carousel.

Will my device work with Carousel?

Carousel works with iPhones running iOS 7+ and Android 4.0+ devices.

What is Carousel?

Carousel is the new gallery from Dropbox for your life?s memories.

  • It?s a single home for all the photos and videos on your phone and in your Dropbox, automatically organized and always at your fingertips.
  • Swap and share photos and videos instantly in private conversations. Save the memories your friends share with one tap.
  • Carousel automatically backs up photos and videos to Dropbox as you take them, so all your memories are kept safe in one place.

Do I need Dropbox to use Carousel?

Yep! All your photos and videos in Carousel are stored in your Dropbox. It?s how we keep them safe and make sure they?re protected, even if something happens to your phone.

If you?re already a Dropbox user, simply sign into the Carousel application with your Dropbox login.

If you?re new to Dropbox, don?t worry! When you download the Carousel app, you can immediately get started by selecting “Create a Dropbox”.
How do I get Carousel?

You can download Carousel directly from the Apple App Store (if you?re using iOS) or from the Google Play Store (if you?ve got an Android device).
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