Dropbox Gets Condoleezza Rice on Board; Internet Revolt Starts On Fears of NSA Spying

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Dropbox Gets Condoleezza Rice on Board; Internet Revolt Starts On Fears of NSA Spying

Dropbox, one of the leading Cloud data storage and file sharing companies in the world, and probably the one with the highest profile on the web, ?dropped? a bomb of sorts when it nonchalantly revealed that it was bringing in Condoleezza Rice as a board member.

The news immediately erased any pleasant reactions over the new apps and features of the Dropbox service, that was announced during a Dropbox press event.

Condoleezza Rice, aside from becoming a household name as the Secretary of State of former President George W. Bush, is also a known political scientist, diplomat and professor at Stanford University.

She is also seen, however by many as one of the architects of the US war on Iraq, as well as a supporter of the warrantless wiretapping practice during the Bush era.

Perhaps, because of the recent Snowden and NSA spying scandals that have haunted the Obama administration, the presence of Rice in Dropbox has given rise to privacy concerns regarding the storage of personal and business data in the Dropbox service.

It did not help that Drew Houston, the CEO of Dropbox failed to mention the appointment of Rice to the Dropbox board, during his keynote address at the Dropbox press event.

When it was mentioned the next day, the Rice appointment overshadowed all the other ?positive? announcements in what many described as a superbly crafted event.

Immediately after the news circulated, a sort of ?internet revolution? erupted with a campaign called ?DropDropbox? being shared online, to call on Dropbox users to boycott the service unless Condi (as she is ?lovingly? referred to) is removed from the Dropbox board.

The site’s link immediately became the top most popular link in many forums like the Hacker News. The Hacker News is a prominent barometer site that gives a glimpse of what is going on in the minds and hearts of technology geeks all over the world.

It was not revealed who started the site and the campaign, but the creators explicitly cite her involvement with the warrantless wiretap practice of the Bush administration as the reason why they are calling for her removal. The campaign also pointed out that Rice ?was responsible for authorizing wiretaps on members of the United Nations Security Council.

Although some industry observers feel that the reaction to Rice’s appointment is a bit over the top, others feel that with the concerns on digital privacy, Dropbox may have to realize that ?image? is very important in establishing trust between the company and its customers.

Most tech analysts think that Dropbox has thought this thing through and probably feels that Rice’s stature would do more good than harm to the company in the long run. They also think that most Dropbox users would be too ?lazy? to transfer all their data to another service just because of possible fears over Rice’s involvement with Dropbox.

For Dropbox users out there, do give us your thoughts if Condi’s presence scares you enough to ?DropDropbox? altogether.

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