DropBox Expands Headquarters Due to Rapid Growth

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Dropbox is now running out of space for employees at its headquarters in San Francisco. This prompted the fast ? growing cloud ? storing company to sign a 12 ? year lease on a new office just a walking distance away at 333 Brannan. The second office will house 500 employees, according to sources. Kilroy Realty has bragged about the space leasing move of Dropbox

From 11, 000 to 200, 000 square ? foot

The expansion of Dropbox started in 2012 when it moved from an 11, 000 square ? foot office in Mid ? Market to the company?s current office at 185 Berry St. at the South Park district of San Francisco. That office was originally only 87, 000 square feet, but Dropbox eventually expanded it to 200, 000 square feet.

The office was empty in the beginning and they only had a few employees that barely filled up the entire place. It came to a point where employees would ride Ripsticks and scooters to travel around the office. One whole wing was uninhabited, while meeting rooms remained unfurnished. This empty office eventually gave people a claustrophobic feeling with so many employees to accommodate.

A need for further office expansion

Every bit of space in the DropBox office had desks, as well as a jam room, LED art, and sculptures of the company?s velociraptor mascot. The company said that it employed 300 people in 2013.

The newest DropBox office will have 187, 000 square feet to cover at 333 Brannan. It will be a six ? story building with a rooftop garden and deck. The DropBox building will also have a rainwater reclamation system to cut its energy usage by 36% and water usage by 45%.

The new office is only about 10 to 15 minutes of brisk walking from BART and Caltrain to make commuting convenient for DropBox employees. Having the office in the city might give the company better luck in recruiting. Most tech giants provide shuttle buses to help employees travel back and forth.

Now that DropBox has found a new office with ample space for more employees, the company will have about a year or two to grow and place more dinosaurs.

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