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Dropbox Creates Own Cloud System, Pulls Out from Amazon AWS

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Dropbox pulled out nearly all of its data (up to 90 percent) from Amazon AWS and created its own private cloud system, according to its blogpost. Aditya Agarwal, Dropbox VP of engineering, unveiled on Tuesday that the file hosting service provider is finally bidding farewell to Amazon as they move forward on utilizing its very own super servers.

?It?s a big day for us at Dropbox because we finally get to tell the world about Magic Pocket,? Agarwal (@adityaag) tweeted.

Dropbox, which reportedly is going through a challenging phase, has at some point been managing well to actually give up cloud computing giants such as Amazon and Microsoft and ?create its own cloud empire.

The California-based company revealed it has established a storage solution of more than 500 petabytes. To give you a vivid image how big that is, 1 petabyte alone is already equal to 1,000 TB or 1,000,000 GB. And cloud storage and sync will be all made possible through its new system called Magic Pocket, Aditya told Wired.

James Cowling, Dropbox Storage Team Lead, claims that the entire written works of mankind only needs 50 petabytes to be stored. ?For us, that?s just a couple of racks,? he said.

Furthermore, Dropbox reveals that it is utilizing the best technology there is and is working conscientiously to offer its customers the best experience possible.

The firm announced that the current changes will not have any effect on its customers. The data they stored will remain as is.

Although transferring from Amazon to its newly built platform can be quite time consuming as well as expensive, the firm highly believes that this is worth its investment.

“We knew we?d be building one of only a handful of exabyte-scale storage systems in the world,” the company said. “It was clear to us from the beginning that we?d have to build everything from scratch, since there?s nothing in the open source community that?s proven to work reliably at our scale.”

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