Drop the Mic: Four Times James Corden Made Us Feel Good about Ourselves

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Drop the Mic

Following James Corden?s viral Carpool Karaoke, Drop the Mic is as viral as it can be. Getting celebrities to do rap battles is the most awesome thing you?ll see right now. James Corden has set the stage where you can pick on each other (with minimal censorship) – you?ll cringe, you?ll laugh, you?ll go on and on saying ?oh no she didn?t say that?!? then you?ll be happy that it wasn?t you on that stage. Only on Drop the Mic will you hear the most unbelievable things to be said to a celebrity. Here are four times that this show made us feel good about ourselves.

#1 with David Schwimmer – ?9M views


.. his name is David and he was famous in 95.

? now it?s 2016 and he has no friends.

Now you?ve got a chance to prove you?ve got no balls, while I ignore you like Jennifer Aniston does your calls.


A Brit in America?s you?re one claim to fame, we all know you as an actor your roles were all the same. The heavy best friend, the humorous sidekick, with a belly so big you can?t find your own? Dickens, the author we all read as kids / He?s British like you, but people know who he is.

A third contender enters and destroys both James and David. See full video here.

#2 with Anne Hathaway – 7M views


Blimey, guv’nah, did me accent make you sick?

Are you also allergic to wearing suits that fit?

Or did you just grow a couple sizes since you got dressed?

You look like a KFC Bucket with a lot of extra breast..


Call me Meryl Streep, cause YOU my assistant..

Congrats on your new movie, “Through The Looking Glass”

I’m sorry about this battle, you can kiss my ******* ass

Watch the video to see who wins.

#3 with Kevin Hart – 5M views


Where is he? There he is! I found you, Kevin Hart!

There are no small actors, but you’re all small parts


James Corden thinks I look like a kid

Well, I might be small but my bank account’s big

Watch the full video to see how Kevin slayed James Corden.

#4 with Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco – 7M

This episode is the most epic as of yet. See how they progressed from banter to downright exchange of insults. Cara, Dave and James are beasts on Drop the Mic. Watch it here.

Just imagine how much criticism these celebrities take in a day, sometimes being in the audience is so much better. We?d like to know which of these episodes or celebrities is your favorite. Post your answers on the comments section below.

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