Droid Turbo Beginner’s Guide: 4 Settings To Tweak Before Using

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What you need to do before using your new Motorola Droid Turbo. (Image courtesy of Verizon)

Just got your shiny new Droid Turbo? Cool. Now let?s get down to business. This handset sports some of the latest and greatest specs that Motorola has to offer. While this space is not enough to discuss all of its amazing features, let?s just talk about some settings and configurations that you have to take care of before using this beastly device.

Setup a PIN, pattern, or password

Most of us rely on our smartphones today more than ever before. It?s a wise move to put an extra layer of security every time you switch them on. Good thing the Droid Turbo provides several options on how you can lock your device. Navigate to Settings > Security & Lockscreen > then choose Screen Lock. From there you can select either Pattern, PIN, Password, or Face Unlock. You can also set the timeout period that works for you.

Configure Moto Voice

One of the most awesome features offered by the Droid Turbo is the Moto Voice. It lets you control your smartphone in ways that other handsets can only dream of. Folks from GottaBeMobile recommends that you customize Moto Voice so it can recognize your voice commands easier. Head to Settings > Moto > then tap on Voice on the lower left portion of the screen. From there you may customize the launch phrase of your Droid Turbo. Once it gets used to your voice, you can do a lot of amazing commands including unlocking your phone using your voice or call your contact even when the screen is switched off.

Manage mobile data limits

Unlimited mobile data plans are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Data bundles with only 2 or 4GB per month are now the usual options. However, the Droid Turbo?s quad HD display and 4G LTE can be a drag in these situations. What you can do is configure your device so it can notify or automatically restrict you from exceeding your data limit. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Data Usage > Enable Mobile Data > Set Data Limit. It?s possible to alter the data range to correspond to your carrier?s monthly coverage. Keep in mind that this may not be 100% accurate all the time.

Protect your phone

This is perhaps the most important, and certainly the first, thing you need to do once before you enjoy all the other features of your Droid Turbo. It gives you a string to hold on to in case you phone is lost or stolen. Here?s how it works. When you first turned on your Droid Turbo, you?ll be greeted with an option that invites you to ?Protect your phone.? If you tap on it, you?ll be guided through a procedure in order to activate Motorola?s Device Management. This is a service that lets you lock, wipe the data, and remotely track your device once its lost or stolen.

If you accidentally dismissed it without completing the steps, Phandroid suggests the following. Head over to Settings > Security > choose Device Administrators > activate Motorola Device Policy. In order to access remote options for a stolen or ?device, go to from any browser, log in using your Motorola ID, and click ?Lost Device.?


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