Drivers use giant reflective ghost stickers to freak out high-beam tail gaters

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Drivers use giant reflective ghost stickers
Drivers use giant reflective ghost stickers

Road Rage! It?s everywhere! And the disputes often arise from the dumbest of driver decisions on the road.

Sometimes the illogical and downright insane decisions we see other drivers make on the road can truly make us sick. And with so many problems senselessly arising on the road every day, many people have had enough.

China has some of the worst traffic on the face of the Earth. It?s not a surprise why a good number of drivers are pretty uncivilized on the roads. Traffic can bring out the darkest part of any person.

One problem with the road culture in China is tailgating. ?And not just tailgating, tailgating with the high beams on (we can already feel you cringe.) Luckily, some intrepid businessmen have decided to take matters into their own hands, and make a quick buck in the process of addressing China?s high beam-tailgating problem.

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Ghost Stickers!

Have you ever wanted to downright scare people who piss you off on the road when they unreasonably use their high beam behind you? Well, now you can!

Apparently shocking and gruesome looking car stickers are now being sold and used in China. The stickers are designed after many different popular iconic ghosts such as Sadako, Kayako, and etc.

Some other designs feature the Grimm Reaper, bloody variations of the iconic ghost lady. The stickers are placed on the car?s back glass. What makes the stickers so ingenious is how they appear very obscure under regular light, but pop out in full horror once under strong light.

Just imagine someone speeding up to tailgate you and then flash their high beams on the back glass of your car, only to be greeted by a creepy ghost lady staring back at them. There?s a pretty good chance the guy behind you will be in for quite a fright. And shocking drivers on the road is definitely a good idea.

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Unfortunately, these ingenious stickers will get you a ticket in China. Reports from Jinan say that police had already ticketed drivers who have the creepy stickers on their cars.

Well, it makes sense. Just imagine all the possible accidents to be had with the sticker?s ghostly impact. But it?s good to note that so far, there have been no accidents reported yet from the ghostly stickers.

What?s funny is the stickers are still being bought in mass by the public. Apparently, people would risk getting a ticket if it means getting back at drivers tailgating them with high beams. Road rage truly knows no bounds.

If you want you to get ahold of those stickers, then you can check them out here. The prices range from $3 to $18.

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