Driveclub VR Gameplay Video: See What It Feels Like Driving In Virtual Reality

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Driveclub VR

The first gameplay video of Driveclub VR has now surfaced online after Sony officially announced that their exclusive racing game will be coming out this year. Ahead of Gamescom 2016, Sony PlayStation confirmed that the company will launch Driveclub VR in 2016. As PlayStation VR is still due for release, there are chances the company will bring the game in all regions in time for the launch of PlayStation VR.

The Driveclub VR gameplay video released by PlayStation Access gives us a glimpse of how detailed the interior of the cars are and what it feels like to race using Sony?s VR peripheral. The gameplay looks appealing and promising based on the reactions of the guy from PlayStation Access. Those who are at Gamescom can try the gameplay demo at Sony?s PlayStation booth. The company is allowing players to try the VR experience on the upcoming virtual reality headset.

The graphics and transition between scenes look completely flawless and rich in quality. Driveclub VR will include single player career mode along with the ability to play online multiplayer. The developer has also added time trials mode to game.

For the cars and tracks, the developer assures fans that Driveclub VR will feature many new and classic racing tracks. The company has added five new urban locations. Apart from these features, DriveClub VR will include an inspection mode so that players can get more details about the gameplay.

The developer in the video can be seen using an arcade steering wheel set. The developer has recreated over 80 cars for the game. The game will now feature a Cruise Mode that allows players to explore new tracks and countries.

As the game is leveraging the power of PS4, Sony?s PlayStation VR seems more advantageous for game developers. The developer has added Passenger Mode in Driveclub VR which enables players to watch their journey from a passenger?s point of view. It will certainly help players watch their actions from backseat. The game will be released as a PSVR launch title in Japan.

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