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This year, Ford Motor Company, which earned top 1 on the annual list of Interbrand’s 50 Best Global Green Brands, showcased one of its top sedan and hatchback series, the 2015 Ford Focus?with 7 models to choose from.? In fact, AutoWeek named Ford Focus as the fourth best-selling cars in the world while the Car Connection hailed it as one of the most popular car series in the US.

Mainly,it offers a sleek and stunning design yet functional whether it’s a 4-door or 5-door passenger vehicle. The Ford Focus Electric, for example, provides intuitive features like 17-inch aluminum wheels for smooth sailing, bright charge port as well as body-colored door handles. The Ford Focus Electric also has a beautiful interior made up of recycled materials?which makes the car earth-friendly. At the same time, its features include a rear view camera, which automatically gives the driver a view of what’s behind the car when backing up, as well as 7 airbags providing a great yet safe trip every time.

Techno junkies would also love the new Ford Focus series for its built-in high technology gadgets such as the SYNC voice- activated and customizable interactive, voice-activated communication and media system that makes driving more exciting and fun. Some features include:

    • Hands-free calling that allows receiving of incoming phone calls with a simple touch of a button and outgoing calls through the sound of the voice
    • Synchronization of iPhone phone book to download and search for names and numbers of contacts
    • Usage of compatible music players, USB flash drive or SD card to play back favorite songs through voice commands
    • 911 Assist— a feature that allows the driver to call 911 when he can’t
    • Send and receive SMS (Short Message Service)

Other than the outstanding Sync System, MyKey?allows a controlled yet promotion of good driving habits while running the car. For example, safety buckles the Belt-Minder? lets out a chime to make sure that the driver and passenger are buckled safely. The volume of the sound system also decreases and it sets the speed limits up to 80 miles per hour [via Ford website] as well. At the same time, MyKey? has a programmed ignition key in the message center that gives peace of mind when a friend or family drives the car.

Photo from Ford Media Center

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