Drive in the night with laser eye focus using a pair of these anti-radiation night glasses

This eyeglass reduces the glare lights, so you don’t get blinded from the oncoming cars when driving

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Have you ever drove alone at night while raining? You may have clear 20/20 vision during the day, but you can also be one of those who suffer from impaired vision at night. And if you frequently drive at night and is currently experiencing eye fatigue or have a hard time seeing in low light conditions, you might need a pair of Spektrum Shift Night Driving Glass IlLumin LUM-210 to protect you from glaring harm.

The IlLumin LUM-210 is a nighttime eyeglass designed to help you see when driving at night. This eyeglass uses yellow lenses to help reduce reflections and glare from street lights and oncoming headlights so you can avoid squinting while driving. The yellow tint is not just a design, it acts as a filter of blue light to improve nighttime visibility. This makes it easier to see road marks, stop lights, street signs, lane markers, and oncoming traffic more clearly – reducing your risk on the road.

Like regular sunglasses, The IlLumin LUM-210 also absorbs 100% of UVA and UVB rays, but it’s also built with anti-radiation technology that decreases eye fatigue and headaches.


    These glasses help cut through poor driving conditions such as rain, mist, fog, and smog; get protection from intense glare in the day or at night


    The quality of the lenses, which incorporate anti-radiation technology, reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches; low yellow tint improves vision by letting the right amount of light in


    They look great and provide superior comfort with a non-slip design; perfect for men and women, and durable scratch-resistant frames are designed to last

Feel safe driving and save your night rides with spectacles like the IlLumin LUM-210 that will give you a vision for a safer ride.

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