Drink ‘til you drop without the worry of a hangover

Now you can enjoy midweek parties without suffering the next day with this tasty drink!

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We live for the weekends, that’s for sure! But are you someone who always finds yourself trying not to give in to that one glass (or two.. Or probably more) on a special midweek night because you’re too worried of a potential hangover the next day? Well, who wants to suffer from a nasty hangover, anyway?

The thing is, hangover shouldn’t keep you from celebrating the good times. Not when you have this amazing, tasty drink that can make you feel great the morning after! Meet, DrinkAde!

What is DrinkAde?

DrinkAde is a healthy drink formulated to provide your body the support it needs while rehydrating it. Its formula consists of a natural vitamin blend of amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals.

How does DrinkAde help me?

Whether you’re celebrating, working out or simply need a good drink to keep yourself hydrated, DrinkAde is an excellent choice. It can be your go-to drink before getting the evening started while making sure you can recover from a night of hard partying without suffering the nasty effects of a hangover.

  • DrinkAde neutralizes toxins. The alcohol causes our liver to produce a toxin called acetaldehyde.
  • DrinkAde restores vital nutrients. DrinkAde’s proprietary formula helps neutralize these acetaldehyde toxins making them easy for the body to process and diffuse. Once this process takes place, the severe symptoms that can happen after drinking are averted.
  • DrinkAde rehydrates your body. Its proprietary blend of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and minerals also hydrate the body and restore vital nutrients, further helping prevent or recover from a night out celebrating

Is DrinkAde safe?

Yes, DrinkAde is absolutely safe! It is sugar-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free, vegan, non-GMO and is also low in calories. And did we mention that it tastes great, too?