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Dreams PS4 Beta: Media Molecule Teases 2017 Plans As Studio Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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It seems like Media Molecule’s?Dreams PS4?game is still a while away, which will likely disappoint fans of the promising looking title. The adorable-looking game that promises plenty of opportunities to create hasn’t been shown in a while. When the developers didn?t show the game at PlayStation Experience 2016, something was off and fans knew it.

While the lack of news is disappointing, it looks like 2017 will be a big year for developer Media Molecule. They apologized for the lack of appearances in 2016, stating in their website that the beta of Dreams would not be happening this year. Though the news will disappoint those in a holiday mood, the plans for 2017 do look promising.

10th Anniversary Spectacular?

A post on the PlayStation Blog has Media Molecule touting their 10-year anniversary, which is a worthy occasion for any gaming company. While not much was said about Dreams PS4, they did mention that it was still being worked on. Furthermore, they will be celebrating their other games by releasing a DLC pack for Little Big Planet 3.

Considering that the team created the Little Big Planet series, this isn’t a huge surprise. Still, it is good seeing the developers pay tribute to the game that made them big. The company has also worked on the Tearaway games for PS4 and PS Vita.

Sweet Dreams

Dreams PS4 might not be coming out anytime soon, but there’s a solid chance that we will see the beta sometime in 2017. The beta was originally planned this year but was eventually delayed since isn’t ready. While a date for the beta has yet to be revealed, there is a good chance that we will all get to test the game next year.

Considering how good the game looks, fans can only hope that it plays as well as the visuals. While fans wait for this game, they have the Little Big Planet games to play. Only the third game is available on PS4. They can also get Tearaway on the PS Vita and Tearaway: Unfolded on the PS4, which has improved visuals but is considered a lesser game than the Vita version.

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