Dreamfall Chapters To Go Episodic To Give Backers Something to Look Forward to This Fall

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Dreamfall Chapters is the sequel to the 2006 adventure game Dreamfall. The sequel has been funded via Kickstarter and the game?s creators have announced that they will be adopting an episodic approach to the game in order to give backers something this coming fall.

During its Kickstarter campaign run, Dreamfall Chapters was able to amass more than $1.5 million in total donations. The name Dreamfall Chapters was due to the fact that the developers wanted to utilize an episodic approach to their games by dividing it into chapters. They changed their approach in October of 2012 but have now gone back to the episodic approach due to unpredictable circumstances within the creative process. Ragnar Tornquist, creative director for the game studio Red Thread Games, said: ?The creative process is unpredictable, however, and the story we’re telling has turned out to be bigger and more ambitious than first envisioned.?

He went on to add: ?We’re not on track to meet the release date we estimated a year and a half ago, and we’ve had to take a long, hard look at our schedule and budget?.

By going back to the episodic approach, the game hopes to be able to provide backers with something to look forward to and possibly generate income from the purchases of those who didn?t originally back the game. Tornquist stated: ?By releasing Book One this autumn, we hope to start generating income, all of which will go right back into improving the quality and scope of subsequent books?. There are five episodes planned and those who backed the game via Kickstarter and paypal will receive all five episodes for free. New customers will be able to purchase a season pass on GOG, the Humble Store, or Steam. Dreamfall Chapters will be released on the Mac, Linux, and Windows PC.

Red Thread Games could have made deep cuts by removing a lot of characters and story lines and locations but didn?t want to end up with a different game than what they had imagined previously. If they did that, it would also be a totally different game from what they promised their backers.

Photo Source: Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter page

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