Drawn To Death Update 2.11 Adds Season 2 Sci-Fi Tower, Sessions Return In Ranked Matches

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There’s a new update now live for the PlayStation 4 exclusive game, Drawn To Death, and it adds in several new features. Aside from new content to get our hands on, The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency also introduces several tweaks and bug fixes to the game. Here’s every important detail about Drawn To Death update 2.11.

New Stuff

The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency introduced a new Ranked Tower in Drawn To Death update 2.11. This time, the theme of the tower is Sci-Fi and players can expect to have a grueling time getting to the top of the tower, like the past iteration of the game mode.

Before taking a shot at reaching the top, it’s important for players to get to know their characters first because getting to the top of the increasingly difficult tower. Like the previous tower, players should remember that quitting midway of a ranked match will lead to a drop in a few floors in the tower.

Though not necessarily new, Sessions are once again available in Ranked. It was removed by the developer previously but it’s good to have it up in the game once again. The developers note that if a team of players go on Team Deathmatch, they’ll be automatically placed on the same team.

The last of the new additions in the new update are a few Holiday Skins to collect. This means players should get in on the game now.


For Tuning, The Bartlett Jones Supernatural Detective Agency are tweaking a few missions so that it won’t be so hard for players to accomplish them. Another thing that the developer tweaked is that it brought back Organ Duel in Ranked 1v1 matches.


For bug fixes, the developer is only adding a few but important fixes with Drawn To Death update 2.11. First up is a fix to the issue where players can’t hit Bronco because his Drone is getting in the way.  Another fix is for jump pads as in the previous game version, players are only getting boosted up halfway.

The other two fixes are for Sugar High, which stops the Sugar High sudden death spawning under the map. Last but not the least is a fix to the issue that stops projectiles from going through teleporters in Sugar High.

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