Drawn to Death Update 2.10 Adds Grindhaus Map And More New Content

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Drawn To Death Sneak Peek [Image Captured From Drawn To Death Trailer]

Players of Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency’s Drawn To Death will have access to quite a few things today as the developer has recently rolled out a new update. The update adds a few pieces of content for the game that all players be excited about. Here’s everything we know so far for Drawn To Death update 2.10.

Release Details

Drawn To Death update 2.10 released a couple of hours ago and it’s ready for download already. The update is around 1.8 GB in size as it adds several new pieces of content for the shooter. Players will need to download it before getting in on the action.

New Content

From the start, the guys over at Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency reveals that the new map is now available to play in. The map called Grindhaus is set to push players to have new tactics and strategies at hand considering it’s an entirely new area. Even better is that the map is for free so everyone will have access to it.

Matchmaking Tuning

Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency all tunes up matchmaking with Drawn To Death update 2.10. Once the update is downloaded, players won’t have access to Unranked anymore. This is to accommodate the smaller player base of Drawn To Death.

Players will only have Ranked matches now and this means faster matchmaking. However, this isn’t entirely good as new players won’t have a playing field of their own anymore. There’s a chance that new players will get matched up against better players, but that’s a sacrifice for better and faster matchmaking.

When it comes to character, Shaxe is the only character on the receiving end of tweaks this time around. His DOT has been changed from 15 to 5 but developer Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is willing to tweak him more if the recent change isn’t enough. If players still have a few qualms with Shaxe in the update, then the developer will look into the base blade damage and shotgun blast distance to register a blade.

The update will also add in a few bug fixes. The developer also teases the future content for the game which includes the Sugar High Level, Crayon and Holiday Skins, Elimination mode, new maps, a new season 2 tower, and many more.

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