Drawn to Death Update 2.08 Tweaks Matchmaking, Full Patch Notes Released

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Drawn To Death Update 2.08 Is Now Live
Drawn To Death Sneak Peek [Image Captured From Drawn To Death Trailer]

Developer The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is hard pressed on ensuring that players are having a great time in Drawn To Death as evident by their updates for the shooter. A new update is now live and it adds new things while fixing a few other issues as well. Here’s everything players should expect in Drawn To Death update 2.08.

New Features

One of the new changes coming in Drawn To Death update 2.08 is with regards to ranked matches. After the update, players will experience less Team Deathmatches in Ranked. As for Unranked, players can now play with up to three buddies across all Drawn To Death game modes. Speaking of Team Deathmatch, players will now have better scoring systems between the winners and losers. Basically, players will be ranked on how much they helped their team. It’s not just about how many kills a player has as it’s also about the number of deaths he has.

Moreover, players will be able to see each others true matchmaking rating. This will help players determine and compare their skill level with others.

Lastly, the developer is implementing a new feature that reveals whether or not a player is going to get penalized after quitting. The exact conditions for the penalty weren’t revealed but the developer notes that it’ll be clearer to see once the update arrives.

Fixes And Tweaks

Aside from new features, Drawn To Death update 2.08 also fixes bugs and tweaks new things in the game. One of the best changes that players should look forward to is a better matchmaking system. Matchmaking will now be based on the MMR of other players in Team Deathmatch.

Another change in Team Deathmatch is applicable during 2v1 matches that happens after one player leaves the game. The abandoned players won’t be getting a health bonus but they will have 45% damage absorption and an extra point per kill.

In the developers patch notes discussion video, they also reminded players in the US that they still have a chance to be drawn into the game. By playing 5 matches until May 1, players have the chance to get picked and have their own character drawn in the game credits . The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency also announced that the Easter promotion has ended.

There are a ton more fixes and tweaks in the update. For the full rundown of the update, check out The Barlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency’s video below.

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