Draw and Print 3D Designs with Creopop: 3D-Printing Industry?s Hottest Thing Right Now

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In case you are living under a rock, you would know that one of the hottest industries right now is the 3D-printing industry. With the help of crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, consumer 3D printers are expected to be the next big thing in the field of technology.

However at present, many 3D printers especially the bigger units, are far too expensive for an ordinary user and consume a lot of space. These bulky items that are in the market right now usually cost around $1,000.

This makes Creopop, a 3D-printing pen recently launched on Indiegogo, the best thing to happen in the field of 3D printing. Using the Creopop pen, you can print your own 3D and even 2D designs. The Creopop works its magic by applying a special type of polymer that gets cured immediately upon contact with light. When you draw and squeeze the ink out of the pen, it hardens, forming small sculptures.

What makes Creopop?amazingly different from the rest of the 3D-printing pens out there?

You can buy Creopop to draw 3D objects easily for only $89.

What also makes Creopop stand out is its ?cool? ink. Not only does the ink look outstanding?it has unique ink choices that include glitter, color-changing, magnetic, or even inks that glow in the dark?it is also cool to the touch.

While there are other 3D pens in the market that allow anyone to draw dimensional designs, the problem is that they work very much like hot glue guns; thus making them very dangerous if you have children or even pets around. You might even hurt yourself when you are using these pens. They are not the easiest tools to use, resulting in messy and tricky projects.

Using science, Creopop keeps its ink very cool, so you won?t burn yourself or avoid disaster if you touch its ink while you draw your next project or masterpiece. Instead of applying heat, which may cause serious skin burns, the Creopop applies a set of three ultraviolet lights to harden a light-sensitive liquid resin while it is being extruded. This completely eliminates the risk of burns, making Creopop very safe to use, even for young kids.

Watch this video to show why Creopop is the hottest thing to happen in the 3D-printing industry right now:

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