Dragon Quest IX Sells 2.3 Million In Two Days

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Now you must understand something before you read this. DQ9 was only released in Japan. It wasn’t released anywhere else in the world and moved 2.3 million copies. They say that 80% of stock in Japan is depleted. I’d love to hear Dragonwarrior’s comments on this. I may consider picking up at least one DQ game to see what all the hype is about. This goes to show that the power of portable gaming destroy’s console gaming in Japan. I guarantee you FF13 will not have these numbers. Here’s the original story from Andriasang which was translated from

Dragon Quest IX sold 2,343,440 copies in its first two days of sales, reported today citing data from its parent Enterbrain. This figure covers July 11 and July 12. The game was released on the 11th, a Saturday, to the usual numbered DQ fanfare.

These early sales suggest that DQIX may be off to a better start than its predecessor. also reports that over its first two days back in 2004, Dragon Quest VIII managed 2,237,000 units.

The PS2 title went on to sell 3.68 million units in Japan alone. Some insiders and analysts believe that DQIX could top the 5 million mark domestically.

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