Dragon Quest Heroes Review: Game Gets Mostly Thumbs Up From Critics

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The RPG-turned hack-and-slash game gets an English localization, and here are the impressions about the game.

Square Enix?s Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is now available and if you are unsure if this is a game worth to buy, so we gathered some of the reviews from popular gaming websites to give you an idea if the game is really great or horrible.

Polygon 8 out of 10

Dragon Quest Heroes transcends its simplistic gameplay. The balance that Dragon Quest Heroes walks between trivial fun and deeper strategizing is precarious. At any point in the 30-plus hours I played, I felt like it could have tipped over, leaving a boring, button-mashing shell of a game. Amazingly, it never did. Developer Omega Force has, perhaps more than ever before, found a winning combination of empowering players to wipe out thousands of foes while still challenging them to think and pay attention to the refreshingly colorful world surrounding them.

Gamespot 8 out of 10

As much as I long for a new mainline Dragon Quest (not to mention the leisure time to play more JRPGs), Dragon Quest Heroes: The World?s Tree Woe and the Blight Below affords every lover of the franchise the rare opportunity to cause genocidal destruction with the kind of efficiency you cannot find in a turn-based RPG. To flank a monster is to also admire it from angles you seldom see up close in other Dragon Quests. These tens of thousands of encounters plus the appearances by the series? many other heroes makes for an essential experience for any Dragon Quest fan, even if you haven?t played a hack-and-slasher in ages. These characters are so fully realized that, assuming you?re not a stickler for official canon, it wouldn?t be unreasonable to consider Dragon Quest Heroes as a companion piece alongside the main series.

GamesRadar 3 out of 5

Just like that handsome stranger, you?ll still appreciate Dragon Quest Heroes? company despite its failings. The moments of personality-driven sparkle still shine amongst its more habitual monotony, but maybe it?s just best to only indulge it with your time in small doses.

Fantastic at capturing the charming spirit of the Dragon Quest series, but the repetition in its arena design cramps on its personality. Best played in short bursts.

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