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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 US And UK Release Date Revealed! What Has Changed In The Western Version?

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After the surprising success of the first game, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be coming to the West next year. The sequel keeps the Dynasty Warriors-style RPG will have two new protagonists and familiar heroes from older games. Fans can pick this up on April 25 for the US and April 28 in Europe.

Since this is a sequel, a number of changes have been made from the first game. It’s not clear how this will differ in the English versions, but it does make the game feel like a sequel. Fans thinking that this will just be a repeat with new characters might be wrong in the best possible way.

What’s New In Dragon Quest Heroes 2?

Gematsu confirmed that there will be online multiplayer in the game. This is pretty cool since the first Dragon Quest Heroes was strictly a single-player affair. Up to four players can take on enemies in some epic combat scenarios fitting of a Dynasty Warriors-style game.

The story is also different, as players won’t only be fighting monsters. It seems like we will see soldiers take part in combat as well, though they won’t put up a big fight. If the first Dragon Quest Heroes is any indication, only boss fights and timed missions will provide a challenge. That being said, the human opponents is a nice way to differentiate the sequel from the first game.

Free DLC Again?

One reason why fans liked the first game was the free DLC. They didn’t even have to download it, as the content was already in the disc. It’s not yet clear if this will be done for Dragon Quest Heroes 2, though fans would love that.

With great visuals, online play and even more characters from previous Dragon Quest titles, this looks like a fun title. Fans of the series have been fairly lucky, with this, Builders and the upcoming 3DS port of Dragon Quest 8. Overall, it is a good time to be a Dragon Quest fan.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will only be available on the PS4. Unlike the last game, there is no PS3 version. ?

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