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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Demo Impressions: More Action-RPG Than Dynasty Warriors

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dragon quest heroes 2 demo
The demo will surprise Dynasty Warriors fans. [Image from PlayStation]

The Dragon Quest Heroes 2 demo is currently available for download on the PS4 and it’s an interesting gameplay experience. While the hack-and-slash gameplay from the first game is intact, Koei Tecmo has decided to make the sequel more RPG-like. It’s a move that could divide fans of the Musou/Warriors series, but it does show Koei trying something different.

Part of Your World

Fans of the original DQ Heroes will be surprised to see no mission selection screen or hub area. Players must now traverse through monster-filled areas to reach their objective, fully embracing the classic Dragon Quest experience. The game does implement fast travel runes for those who might not enjoy traversing, but that’s more RPG than Warriors.

Even these monster-filled travelling areas feel more RPG-like, since enemies can be avoided and aren’t mandatory to defeat. Granted, players will still want to attack the monsters to level up and get monster medals, but that’s JRPG stuff. It’s refreshing seeing this gameplay from a Musou/Warriors-style spinoff and it’s something similar games can learn from.

Medal of Goner

Monster medals return, but they operate differently in the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 demo, which might surprise players. In the first game, players could place specific monster medals in areas to summon them on their side. This added some strategy to the game, as monster medals could be used to protect certain areas from enemies.

The sequel switches things up considerably, as monster medals now transform players into the creature they originally defeated. Turning into these monsters only lasts a short while, but they do have devastating attacks that are useful against bosses. Some of the other medals give buffs to the player’s party, which is still useful for more difficult battles.

Heroes, Not Warriors

Fans hoping to hack-and-slash their way through hundreds of enemies in the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 demo will be disappointed. The only Dynasty Warriors-esque level comes at the end, where the demo’s boss summons dozens of enemies for support. Like a typical Warriors game, these aren’t too difficult to get through, though some gratification can be got from slashing tons of enemies.

This isn’t a regular occurrence in the demo and that might be a good thing, as it feels less repetitive than the first game. If the rest of the game is like this, fans of Dragon Quest might like it more than fans of Dynasty Warriors. Even Hyrule Warriors didn’t feel too different from a typical Warriors/Musou game, so this is truly surprising.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will come to the PS4 and PC later this month on April 25. The Nintendo Switch is also getting a version of the game bundled with the original, though that has no release date yet. The demo can be downloaded now on the PS4.

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