Dragon Quest 8: Journey of The Cursed King Arrives On Android & iOS, Available for $19.99

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Dragon Quest 8: Journey of The Cursed King

We previously mentioned that the classic Japanese role-playing game (RPG) was initially launched in the New Zealand App Store last week. Now, more people are able to rekindle their affair with the beloved game as the Dragon Quest 8: Journey of The Cursed King is now available for mobile gamers in North America and Europe.

The eighth installment of Dragon Quest 8 or VIII is now up for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store. The game franchise was first introduced in Japan back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2; a worldwide release followed in subsequent years. It was developed by Level-5 Inc. and published by Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

The iOS and Android version of Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King is neither a remake nor a rambling spin-off. Square Enix stated that this mobile version offers the same PlayStation game in its original form. The gameplay, dialog, and storyline are virtually parallel to its game console counterpart. But naturally, the control would need to be revamped a little to accommodate touchscreen commands.

Another constraint that the mobile version faced is its audio. The orchestra music and voice-overs needed to be scrapped due to memory restrictions. Even with those, the game still comes in heavy at 1.43 GB, so users will need to prepare ample storage allowance.

Dragon Quest 8: Journey of The Cursed King is the franchise?s most successful game. Mobile gamers can enjoy it by shelling out $ 19.99. To many, that?s quite a hefty price for a single, mobile RPG. But let?s keep in mind that the original, console version of the game is sold for $ 50. This mobile version is basically the same game and the publisher also noted that it will be a one-time purchase. The sub-$ 20 game is not riddled by any microtransaction or in-app purchases to annoy its players with.

The Dragon Quest 8 mobile app is able to support all Android devices running with an Ice Cream Sandwich version (Android 4.0) and up, as well as the latest models of the iPhone and iPad starting at the iPhone 4s and third generation iPad respectively.


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