Dragon Quest 8 for the iOS Now Available in New Zealand; Possible World Release to Follow

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The 8th installment of the legendary Dragon Quest role playing game is now going to be even more accessible than ever as it is now available for iOS on the iTunes App Store in New Zealand. Fans of the game who are outside of New Zealand can still hope though, as a worldwide launch seems imminent.

Based on the listing, the Dragon Quest 8 application will come at a cost of $24.99 NZD which translates to USD $21.22. The game will be compatible with OS versions 6 and up.

The game is a bit expensive compared to your usual app prices, but people should still pick it up, especially if they missed out on the original Dragon Quest 8 game when it launched for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on 2004. The game won?t be featuring microtransactions though, as the game is being advertised as having everything you need in a single package.

Since the platform is different for the iOS, the controls have been modified to better suit the touchscreen interface. Players can tap once to initiate battles as well as reposition the directional pad freely for either one hand or two hand play.

The list of supported devices is as follows: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad (the 3rd and 4th Generation ones), iPad Air, iPad mini, and the iPad mini with Retina Display.

The game has a note for the game being played on the iPhone 4s/iPad2/iPad mini:

After extended play on these devices, some instability may occur, and the app may occasionally freeze or crash.
We apologise for the inconvenience, but please keep the following in mind while playing:

– Save your game often.
– When suspending play, please make sure to close the app completely via the recently used apps list.
– Frequent crashes can sometimes be remedied by restarting your device.

The game has a size of 1.39GB so make sure you have enough storage for the game. Square Enix games that were initially launched in New Zealand usually follow a worldwide release shortly after. Hopefully, Dragon Quest 8 follows this trend.

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