Dragon Quest 11: New Gameplay Showcase At Jump Festa 2016

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Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11: In Search of Departed Time has been confirmed to appear in Jump Festa 2016. The game will take the main stage on the show and reveal new details. Here?s what we know so far about Dragon Quest 11?s upcoming appearance.

Jump Festa Reveal

According to Gematsu?s translation of the Jump Festa site, the upcoming event will have Dragon Quest 11 on its main stage. The game will be released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest 11?s stage show will happen on December 17 at 2 pm JST. Dragon Quest fans can watch its livestream on YouTube or Niconico.

Dragon Quest 11 Showcase

The Dragon Quest 11 showcase on December 17 will include a talk with the game?s developers about the title. Since this is a main stage appearance, Square Enix may have prepared a gameplay video for their fans. Additionally, they may also discuss the game?s release date since it hasn?t been completely confirmed yet.

Other Games on Jump Festa

Dragon Quest 11 isn?t the only game that?ll be revealed in Jump Festa ?2016. More Dragon Quest games, Kingdom Hearts, and Nier: Automata will also be discussed at the event. Fans who want information on those games should opt to watch the streams. The Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue will have trailers at Jump Festa. Additionally, Nier Automata?s trailer will also be revealed in the show.

According to Gematsu, the Dragon Quest 11 release window is anytime between the series’ 30th anniversary year, which is May 27, 2016 to May 27, 2017. Fans can expect to see more appearances, trailers, or even the game?s actual release in the first quarter of 2017. Since Final Fantasy 15 has been released, Square Enix can now focus on other titles like Dragon Quest.?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is unlikely to be promoted anytime soon so as not to water down the current hype on Final Fantasy 15. We?ll have to wait for Square Enix?s reveals this coming Jump Festa to confirm their release plans for 2017.

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