Dragon Quest 11 Gets PS4 And 3DS Side-By-Side Comparison

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Image from Square Enix

Dragon Quest 11 is one of the more unique titles in the series, coming out on the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS of all things. The Japanese version of both games will be out this year, with a Western version unconfirmed as of this writing, though many are expecting it. Square Enix released a comparison of the same scene in both games, showing how gorgeous the PS4 version is going to be, though the 3DS version doesn’t look too bad.

Kotaku took a look at both scenes, which has a character going “I didn’t know the world was this vast…,” which looks absolutely fantastic on the PS4 version. The 3DS version looks fine, offering fans two screens to look at, the top one having modern graphics and the bottom one having 16-bit visuals. A Nintendo Switch version is also being planned, though no release window has been given yet, so fans with that console are in for a long wait.

It’s clear that the PS4 version of Dragon Quest 11 is the one fans will be looking forward to, since it looks the best and has a number of interesting features. Hardcore fans will likely get both versions to see which is the best, or just to have a neat handheld JRPG that they can bring anywhere. Both games feature Akira Toriyama’s wonderful art style that made his work on Dragon Ball become famous around the world, so no one will be disappointed.

The opening video of the game has also been released, revealing that the lead character in the game will have a Moses-esque origin story. Like moses, he was put in a basket and sent away in a river so that he wouldn’t be killed by the opposing army. Said baby is later found by an old man who looks like Grandpa Gohan from Dragon Ball.

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