?Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F? Joins Top 10 Anime List In US: Goku Transformation, Ronda Rousey Approval Pushed Movie To Success?

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If you don?t know Dragon Ball Z for some unknown inexcusable reason, then you will definitely learn about it now because their latest movie just went up to the top 10 anime box office of all time in the U.S. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ?F? gave the fans of the show what they were looking for and gave the movie a whopping $5.97 million in their box office gross since opening last Tuesday, according to FUNimation Entertainment.

The stunning info about Dragon Ball placing in the top 10 is the fact that the movie had a very limited release, with a total of 903 screenings with the indie anime film managing to exceed the more mainstream movie releases, according to Forbes. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ?F? was able to reach ninth place beating Studio Ghibli?s ?The Wind Rises? and pushing out ?Howl?s Moving Castle,? added by Forbes.

?It?s a great film that loyal DBZ fans, and fans of anime, have helped push into the record books in just 6 days,? FUNimation EVP and COO Michael DuBoise said according to IGN.com. ?Great word of mouth, extremely positive reviews, plus a film that appeals to core fans and is creating new fans, have led to sold-out shows, repeat viewings, and additional theaters being added through Wednesday,? he added.

The independent film may have had the helped off the currently airing Dragon Ball Super anime which is based on three narrative arcs, that includes recent movies like ?Battle of Gods? and ?Resurrection of ?F?.

?Based on the unprecedented success of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ?F,? hundreds of theater locations are being added this week to meet demand,? shared by VP of Theatrical Distribution for FUNimation David Wengrod. He urged everyone to not miss out on the chance to see the record-breaking movie, which will unfortunately end its theatrical run this week.

The anime proved to have a wide range of fans that even MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey, also watches the animated series. She shared the information during a recent AMA with Reddit users recently.

So use your free time to watch Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ?F? and find out what may be the most awesome transformation of Goku yet.


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