Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3: New Features And Improvements Fans Want

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dragon ball xenoverse 3
Xenoverse 3 needs to fix these issues. [Image from Steam]

With two more DLC packs coming out for the second game, it’s only a matter of time before Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is announced. The first two Xenoverse games have been popular, mixing action RPG elements with a DBZ-based battle system that’s simple and fun. However, these games are very flawed and players would love to see a number of improvements, along with a new feature or two.

Better Visuals

Despite not being an ugly game, Xenoverse 2 didn’t set the visual world on fire and even looks poor on some occasions. In the first mission, we see the hair of Raditz go through Goku, which looked really awkward and showed the game’s limitations. This would have been bad on last-gen consoles, so seeing these types of limitations on PS4, Xbox One and PC is irritating.

Compare the first two Xenoverse games to the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and there’s clearly only one winner. If Bandai Namco does plan on making a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, they need to up their visual game. Of course gameplay is more important than graphics, but having more visual flare would help, especially on a game that’s based on one of the most iconic animes ever.

If the developers can make the visuals they use for cinematics the in-game graphics, we would have a better-looking game. Some of these cutscenes are beautiful, like the fight between Hit and SSGSS Goku and it would be great if the rest of the game looked like that.

No Repeated Cutscenes

Despite a new hub and characters, many people feel that Xenoverse 2 is more of an expansion than an outright sequel. One reason for this was due to the amount of cutscenes that were reused from the first Xenoverse. From Goku turning Super Saiyan to Gohan destroying Cell with a Kamehameha, these scenes were directly lifted from the first Xenoverse, which needs to change.

If they want to market a possible Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 as a direct sequel, they will need to build cutscenes from the ground up. Xenoverse 2 had a few new cutscenes, most of them revolving around the new movie characters, but we’ll need more before we can actually call the game a sequel.

More Unique Races

Xenoverse and its sequel lets players choose between a Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian, Majin and a Frieza. While these are fine and allowed for some creativity, fans would like to see more races in the sequel, should we get one. Androids and generic aliens would be nice, since they have been a prominent part of the series.

A Proper Versus Mode

The most irritating part about the Xenoverse games is trying to fight your friend for some couch beatdowns. Players have to load their game, go to one of the stalls and pick Versus Mode, which is way too complicated for a fighting game. Sure, the Xenoverse games are more RPG-like than a proper fighting game, but they still have a Versus Mode for local fights.

This is something that should have been fixed in the second game which still didn’t happen, so this needs fixing. Unless Bandai Namco plans a more proper Dragon Ball fighting game, they should have a proper Versus Mode for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, should it ever happen.

More Creative Scenarios

The main appeal for Xenoverse titles are the “what if” scenarios the games have in the single-player campaign. Some of these can be really fun, like an overpowered Mr. Satan helping Cell defeat the Z Warriors, or having Cooler help Frieza defeat Goku on Planet Namek. However, they can also be lazy and uninspired, like Frieza immediately going to his final form or Broly aiding Majin Buu for no reason.

Developer Dimps needs to offer more creative scenarios to increase player interest. A mission where the player has to help the Saiyans defeat the Tuffles would be interesting, with the added twist of having Hatchiyak and Baby as villains. A scenario where a player has to defend Kid Goku would also be a ton of fun.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 are available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Super Saiyan Rose’s Goku Black, Zamasu and Bojack will be in the third DLC pack for Xenoverse 2.

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