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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Super Saiyan, Future Super Saiyan Or Super Vegeta? Which Is Better?

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Transformation is one of the best parts of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. While it’s been overused in the Dragon Ball Super anime, there’s no denying how cool it is to transform. Both the Frieza and Namek race have benefited from having transformations, but the Saiyans still take the cake. The same thing could not be said for the Majin Buu race, but that’s a different story.

Saiyans have three different transformations to choose from. There are five if you count Kaioken and Potential Unleashed, since they’re for all races. However, since we are talking about the Saiyans, we will stick with the three exclusive transformations: Super Saiyan, Future Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta.

Super Saiyan

This is the first Super Saiyan form that can be achieved by training with Vegeta in Capsule Corp. While it’s only called Super Saiyan, the form does go up to Super Saiyan 2 and 3. Given those options, this might be the strongest custom transformation in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

However, this form does have its downsides. Should a player ascend to Super Saiyan 3, Recovering Ki and Stamina can take forever. While the Ki problem can be fixed by equipping Full Power Charge, the latter is harder to fix.

Super Vegeta

Fans can achieve this form by finishing their training with Vegeta in Capsule Corp. This might be the favorite among fans, as it only has two transformations and adds more damage to Ki Blasts. In terms of close combat, it does the job but isn’t as strong as Super Saiyan 3. At the least, Ki and Stamina will be quicker to recover, though not by much.

Future Super Saiyan

This is arguably the weakest of the Super Saiyan transformations in the game. Fans can only unlock this after the main story has been finished. While it might be weaker than Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta, it does have benefits. Ki recovery is much quicker for Future Super Saiyans, which is great for ranged fighters. Furthermore, the lack of forms means that stamina recovers faster as well, making it ideal for ranged fighters.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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