Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3: SSR Goku Black Livestream Highlights His Unique Move-Set

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dragon ball xenoverse 2 dlc pack 3
Goku Black is a tough cookie. [Image from Rhymestyle]

Now that the livestream has finished, fans can’t stop talking about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3. With three new characters joining the game’s roster, it’s clear that everyone’s favorite will be Super Saiyan Rose’ Goku Black. Zamasu and Bojack also have interesting moves, but the online community will definitely gravitate toward the evil version of Goku.

RhymeStyle, one of the YouTube personalities that was part of the livestream, was able to show off his new moves. It’s clear that the character’s moves are unique and he no longer plays like a carbon copy of Son Goku. Compare his moves to the pre-order version of the Dragon Ball Super character and it’s clear which one is better.

Show Me Your Moves

Thanks to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3, SSR Goku Black has a bunch of unique moves that fans would love to put on their created character. He has a great teleportation blast that can catch an opponent of guard and some great looking death beams. So far, his only move that was kept from his pre-order version is the Black Kamehameha, a move everyone liked from the get go.

Black’s new finisher requires a stamina break to pull off successfully, since he needs to hit all the moves to make the most out of it. If he’s able to hit everything without the opponent guarding, we get treated to a bunch of ki swords stabbing Black’s opponent for extra damage. From what was seen in the video, it’s hard to pull off, but is also very satisfying when it successfully hits.

Missing One

Oddly enough, the SSR Goku Black that comes with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3 is missing a move. Reddit fans brought this up, showing that he only has three out of four super moves, which is slightly confusing. Considering how much stronger he is compared to his pre-order counterpart, this might have been done to keep him balanced.

Despite being more of an action RPG, Xenoverse 2 still has one-on-one online and offline fights like a fighting game. It seems like developer Dimps didn’t want SSR Goku Black to be too strong, since most player fight without levels or items. The missing move was likely intentional, though some fans have argued that it could have been something simple like the Instant Transmission ability.

Players can pick up Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3 on April 25 for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Getting the season pass allows players to get all of the DLC, including this one, with a small discount.

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