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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review: A Game Worthy Of A Super Saiyan God?

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of the most addictive yet frustrating games available now. The sheer amount of content in the game is staggering, adding plenty of replay value. However, the flaws of the game are too apparent to ignore. Overall, it’s a fun time for fans of the anime and MMO titles, but it’s not a perfect game.

Ride The Dragon

Improvements made in this game are aplenty. Toki Toki City was small and dull to traverse through in the first game, since walking was the only option. The sequel’s new hub is Conton City and is a much bigger world to explore, with more things to do. Players can fly around, use vehicles and participate in a number of side missions.

Side missions in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are divided into three categories: Parallel Quests, House Quests and Expert Missions. All of these can be done during or after the story, so players will still have plenty of things to do. Parallel Quests can still be accessed through one of the machines, though they can occasionally be spotted through the hub world. House Quests has players do a variety of quests like training with Frieza or going on patrol with Great Saiyaman.

Expert Missions have players teaming up with others online to take on a tough boss. They can range from Great Apes to ridiculously powerful opponents. These are a great deal of fun to play online, though they can also be played in single-player.

Combat hasn’t changed much, but it’s still great fun. A number of new moves have been added and can be used strategically. Aside from laser beams and crazy combos, there are now counter attacks, mines and more.

Finally, mentors stay where they should. Once they pop up, they never disappear. It’s also much easier to learn their moves, thanks to a new advancement class system. Overall, there is definitely plenty of fun to be had with the sequel.

Drag The Dragon

Sadly, there are a number of flaws that prevent Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 from being great. The story is pretty lame, aside from a moment with Future Gohan. To make matters worse, there are cutscenes that are lifted from the first game, making the developers look lazy. Some of the House Missions can be repetitive as well, particularly the Guru missions.

Also, players have to complete the Namek saga to gain access to hub flight, which is maddening. This should have been automatic since the vehicles do not control well. Granted, it’s faster than walking, but the controls for them are a bit wonky.

Finally, the game is missing basic elements that should have been there. There’s still no VS Mode option in the main menu, so players have to go to the hub for local fights with friends. A quest log in the pause menu would have been nice so that players could keep track of what they have to do.

Despite all of this, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a blast to play. Fans of Dragon Ball will adore this title, even with all of its flaws. Here is hoping that the DLC impresses. 

Note: This game was reviewed on a standard PS4. Copy of the game was purchased by the reviewer

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