Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Only A Few New Characters?

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It’s still a few months away, but Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 might not have as much new characters as expected. So far, the only new characters confirmed are Turles, Lord Slug, Android 16, Future Gohan, Gogeta, Janemba, Imperfect Cell, Dedoria, Zarbon and Timebreaker Bardock. While that is technically a lot of characters, they might not be the ones fans want to see in the game.

To be fair, these characters were not in the first Xenoverse title, so having them in the sequel adds some character variety. There are also Dragon Ball Super characters like Black Goku joining the roster, along with GT characters like Kid Goku. Whether we’ll see other GT characters like Pan, Baby or Super 17 is a mystery, though some fans would like to see them since two of these characters were DLC in the last game.

More characters will be added via DLC, but it seems like the characters mentioned previously are the only ones that will be in the game’s CD. It’s not that disappointing, but compared to games like Ultimate Tenkaichi 3 or Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has a slightly disappointing roster.

Adding characters might not be the developer?s focus for this game, since the Xenoverse titles are an interesting mix between an MMORPG and a fighting game. While the mechanics are simple, the amount of loot that can be earned is exhilarating. There are also a ton of moves that can be learned as well, plus a few new ones that will be making their Xenoverse debut, like the Super Dragon Fist and Final Kamehameha.

While the new characters that will be in Xenoverse 2 might be disappointing at first, players will probably stop thinking about them when they start traversing through the city with flight or vehicles. The fact that there will be more areas to explore should appease many a DBZ fan, who are the main target.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is slated for an October 25 release for PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version of the game comes out on October 28. Fans who want Black Goku will have to pre-order the game.

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