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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Master Pack DLC: Best Moves From The New Mentors

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The?Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Master Pack is officially available for download. Most will flock over the paid DLC, thanks to the inclusion of Dragon Ball Super characters Cabba and Frost. However, the free Masters Pack is worth discussing as well, with five new mentors and 20 new moves to learn.

Most of these moves were inaccessible before and are actually pretty great for the player’s custom character. Thanks to a great mix of Ki Blast and Strike Supers, along with some nifty Ultimate Moves, this DLC pack is a must-have. Here are the best moves from the Masters Pack.

Super Explosive Wave

This is not to be confused with the evasive move Piccolo teaches you. While it might take up two Ki bars, the damage this Ki Blast super does is more than worth it. Best of all, there is no charge time and the move is instant, taking only a second to activate. Players can learn this move from Future Gohan once they’ve downloaded the free Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Master Pack DLC.

Android Rush

As the name implies, this move can be learned from Android 16. This effective melee combo does a decent amount of damage and only costs 1 Ki Bar. What makes this move stand out is how it ends, as the player can send his or her foe flying to a specific direction when they nudge the analog stick.

Shadow Crusher

Possibly one of the best counter moves in the game and it belongs to the ?coolest? character Cooler. This move has players doing a Frieza-style taunt and it counters most Ki Blast Supers with a devastating physical attack. Cooler actually used this move on Goku during the Revenge of Cooler film, taking his Kamehameha like it was nothing.

Tyrant Lancer

For a low-class warrior, Bardock sure has some strong moves. Tyrant Lancer has players rushing towards the enemy and blasting them upon impact. Even if the melee part of the move doesn’t hit, a strong Ki Blast will still shoot out, making it a handy move in any player’s arsenal.

Players interested in these moves and more can download the free Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Master Pack DLC?now. The Master Pack is free for everyone, so no season pass is needed yet. ?

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