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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Guide: How to Strengthen Namekian Characters?

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is undoubtedly one of the most played games amongst video game lovers. The only thing that players need is a set of techniques that work the best to succeed in their battles.

Dragon Ball experts have kept the secret on how they achieved the highest level in the game. But here?s a guide for building the strongest Namekin Character that might help the players reach 9000 level and even higher.

Fighting against opponents will require great strength and a good balance between the character?s health and equipment. With good balance, all the three elements will increase the probability of winning the battle and defeat enemies who are well built.

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How to maximize the stamina and health of Namekian?

To get increased stamina and health, the only thing that a player needs is the tallest male Namekian. After selecting the tallest male Namekian, players need to build maximum health, stamina, and basic attack. Here, the goal is to fill the gap between the race?s weakness and its strength.

Although the Namekian already has high health regeneration to act as a good tank, it?s still below the standard when it comes to overall attack power. So, a player has to properly mix the basic attack with good stamina to have a good output for the attacks.

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Combine punches with perfect skill set

The player needs to focus on close range game. The advantage lies in punches combined with Namekian skills. The longer players mix punches skills, the higher potential they can reach.

Namekian has an assortment of skills like transforming into Giant Storm, maximum charge, and instant transmission during fights.

Taking notes of which items and equipment that boost damage will also increase your character?s potential.

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