Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Find All Time Eggs

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Completing the task of finding the five Time Eggs ?plays a vital role in the game ?Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.? The task is a little difficult to accomplish, so take time to read this guide to make it easier.

Buu?s House

For players using a character not from the race of Buu, all you need is to give Buu food items continuously to help him create members of his family. You will receive the TIme Egg once Buu has finished this.

You will also get the Kid uu transformation if you are playing a character from Buu?s race.

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Capsule Corporation

Speaking with Vegeta will make you unlock the transformation for the Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta. Unlocking these will prove your power to Vegeta. Anyway, whether or not you are a Saiyan, defeating him for a couple of times will earn you another Time Egg.

Frieza?s Ship

The first thing you need to do is to join Frieza?s rank and complete enough quests from both Captain Ginyu and Zarbon until you are able to direct quest straight from Frieza himself. Completing more quests will make you Frieza?s second in command. You will receive the Time Egg on your last quest as second command.

If you are using Frieza?s character, Frieza will convert you into his golden form, which will also unlock this for your character.

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House of Guru

Speak with Nail, and do the tasks he proposes twice as you to get the Dragon Balls for him. ?Completing the tasks will give you expanded ability power. Completing them for a second time will reward you with the Time Egg and improved Dragon Balls.

This will also unlock the Super Namekian transformation if you are using a Namekian custom character.

Hercule?s House

Once you spawn, head to the right and help Great Saiyaman (Gohan) as required. Once you have finished doing this about 10 times, he will give you the Time Egg as a reward.

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