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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4: Attires Not In The Game Yet

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dragon ball xenoverse 2 dlc pack 4
Clothes we want to see in the next DLC Pack. [Image from Bandai Namco]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4 will be coming out in June and fans could not be more excited. SSGSS Vegito has already been confirmed and Merged Zamasu will likely be added as well, so fans are very hyped. One thing that would make the DLC Pack perfect is the addition of clothes that haven’t been added yet.

There’s a number of clothes that have yet to be added, which has confused many a Dragon Ball fan. While plenty of fan favorite clothes have been put into the game, there’s still a few that haven’t been included. Here is hoping that the DLC Pack will add these clothes or more, though the characters and story are enough.

Vegeta’s Cell Saga Armor

Oddly enough, Xenoverse 2 does not have Vegeta’s armor from the Cell Saga, which Goku, Gohan and Trunks also wore. Players can put on Vegeta’s armor from the Frieza Saga, which is very disappointing since it doesn’t have golden straps. Vegeta himself can wear the armor, but for some reason the player’s created avatar can’t equip it, which is frustrating.

Tien Shinsan’s Dragon Ball Super Gi

Tien’s current look isn’t in the game, something Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4 can rectify immediately. Just like Vegeta, Tien can have his new look after finishing the Resurrection F arc, but the player’s avatar can’t. Considering how he was showcased in the most recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Dimps should speed this up.

Goku’s Gi Without Weighted Clothing

Of all the Dragon Ball attires to not be added, this might be one of the more shocking ones. Goku wears this during the fight with Raditz, but players can only wear the damaged version, which is no fun. While not as iconic as his regular look, it would be nice for the created characters in the game.

Kid Goku’s Gi

Though the game has plenty of classic Dragon Ball content, Goku’s Gi as a kid hasn’t been added yet. This is something that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4 should fix, since everyone loved Kid Goku back then. Dragon Ball Z might be the more popular show, but there’s still a place for Classic Dragon Ball content.

Saiyan Tails

How have these not been added yet? Of all the customization options in the game, the lack of Saiyan Tails continues to infuriate longtime fans of the series. Dragon Ball Fusions has Saiyan Tails, so why can’t Xenoverse 2?

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