Dragon Ball Super Mystery: Who is Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super??s last episode (Episode 52) did not exactly put much light on the identity of Black Goku, but was more of a filler that explored the relationship between Future Trunks and present-time Gohan. This was emphasized when Gohan and Future Trunks met each other at a conference, immediately recognizing each other and going about to discuss the past and the future.

During the entire episode though, it was very evident that Black Goku put a very deep psychological and emotional scar on Future Trunks. But this has still not answered the question of fans – who is Black Goku?

There are already several theories coming about around the web. Below are some of the more ?plausible? ones, which could very well be revealed in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super (Rumors are that Zamasu is going to be involved somehow!):

He is a Kai

If fans looked closely at Black Goku?s right hand, you?d see a time ring, which according to Beerus and Whis is only given to Supreme Kais. This may also be the explanation for his costume, which closely resembles Great Saiyaman?s, and the earring.

He is an Evil Clone/ Android

Many fans know that Dr. Gero (from the Android saga) has always been obsessed with Goku. Theorists are suggesting that between the time span of Gero?s first meeting with Goku and the present timeline, he has probably developed a clone that will be able to challenge Goku?s power.

Black Goku is? Goku

Ever seen Back to the Future? Well, in this theory, Black Goku is the same Goku but from another timeline. Somewhere along the space-time continuum of Dragon Ball, a temporal distortion skewed the life of Goku, making him go through many hardships and difficulties, turning him into the badass we know as Black Goku. Meanwhile, the other continuum goes on happily, with the Goku we all know and love.

Want to find out Back Goku?s identity and what else is in store for the Dragon Bull Super gang? Catch Episode 53, which will air on July 31, 2016! Meanwhile, stay tuned for any more updates on Goku and the rest of the crew.

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