Dragon Ball Super TV Spoilers: Next Three Episodes Get Titles, Hints Return Of Ginyu? Gohan In Trouble?

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Titles for the next three episodes of ?Dragon Ball Super? have just been revealed. According to reports Gojiitaff posted these leaked titles on his Facebook page, scanning the ?TV guide schedules from Japan that reveals the titles for the next few episodes.? Here are some of the things that we can expect for the following three episodes:

Episode 21: ?The beginning of the hand! The vengeful army of Frieza attacks.?

From the looks of the teaser trailer for episode 21 of ?Dragon Ball Super,? Gohan and his friends will have a hard time in buying time for Vegeta and his father, Goku. Frieza?s army is not to be reckoned with so we?re still not sure what will happen to the group.

Episode 22: ?The Resurrection of Ginyu?

This episode will air on December 6th and will feature the return of Captain Ginyu. Last time we saw Ginyu, he was apparently a frog. Unfortunately, it?s still not sure if he will be back in another shape or form. But it?s easy to guess that we?ll see that ugly brain and horns of his again. Interesting enough, Captain Ginyu wasn?t featured in the recent ?Resurrection F? movie.

Episode 23: ?Gohan in a situation of great danger?

This episode will air on December 13th. Guessing from the title, Gohan will obviously encounter an enemy. Rumors have suggested that this is the part where Frieza nearly kills Gohan much like the scene we saw in ?Resurrection F.?

It?s also likely that Goku and Vegeta won?t return to Earth during these three episodes. But we?re expecting that by the time their finished, chaos and destruction will ensue. And judging from the leaked episode titles, episode 22 may be the most surprising because this will be a new material for the ?Dragon Ball Super? series.

What episode do you think will be the most exciting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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