Dragon Ball Super Survival Arc Release Date, Spoilers: Goku Survives The Wrath of Hit

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Fans are arguably excited to see what happens next in Dragon Ball Super. So far, it was teased that Goku will die in episode 72. But fans can expect to see a lot of things happening prior to his supposed death.

Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival arc is set to premiere next year. It is going to be the fifth saga. The Universal Survival arc will see mighty Goku surviving the wrath of assassin Hit. He will officially begin his journey with the Universe 7 team.

The premiere date for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc was finally announced. It will be released on February 5. Fans are arguably excited.

Shueisha V Jump Magazine will reportedly feature fan favorite characters. These include Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krilin and Master Roshi. Even Majinn Buu and Androids 17 & 18 are set to return for the magazine?s February 2017 issue. Rumor has it that Piccolo will also join the cast.

Apparently, some cast members are not included in the list. It seems fans will have to miss Yamcha, Goten and Trunks.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Super Series

In other DBS news, Dragon Ball Super teams up with several streaming websites to simulcast the series. These sites include Funimation, Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and Daisuki. Fans of Dragon Ball Super can still catch the newest episodes of the epic series with English subtitles.

Fans will also be delighted to know that English dub of the past episodes of DBS will be coming soon. It will be available on Toonami on January 7. Fans can also look forward to the premiere of DBS.

The said premier will be composed of a total of 26 episodes. It will cover its first two arcs. Those are the “Batlle of Gods” and “Resurrection F.”

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