Dragon Ball Super Spoilers: Unexplored Resurrection F Sequences Revealed

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Recent Dragon Ball Super spoilers have revealed information about the unexplored resurrection F sequences. Tadayoshi Yamamuro, the animation director for Dragon Ball Z, revealed such information in his recent interview where he discussed the future of the Dragon Ball franchise.

According to Anime News Network, Yamamuro was not only asked about general information regarding the Dragon Ball franchise but also some specific stuff. When he was asked about some things that were not fully explained in the Resurrection ?F? movie, Yamamuro said that those unexplained details will be explored in the anime series of Dragon Ball Super. It can be recalled that Dragon Ball Super?s Resurrection F saga arc began in episode 19 and concluded in episode 27.

Yamamuro also addressed the animation issues that were thrown at them by fans when Resurrection F saga started in Dragon Ball Super. According to him, the criticism was actually overblown. ?Someone put a few video sequences that looked bad onto the Internet, and people focused on them when talking about an entire series,? he said. For him, it was not proper to criticize the whole show just because they saw some parts of the sequence. He added that the animators who made those scenes were newbies but are good at their craft.

Meanwhile, there are already new details for the upcoming episode. DBS Episode 34 is all about the battle of Piccolo and Frost. Design & Trend states that the ?green alien is about to unleash just about every trick he has in the book.? In fact, the recent trailer of Dragon Ball Super episode 34 shows Piccolo ?using the multi-form technique, his patented Masenko blast.? It is expected that in this episode, DBS fans will see how powerful Piccolo has become and witness his drastic transformation as a Z fighter.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 is slated to air on March 6. Watch out for the latest stories about Dragon Ball here on TheBitBag.

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