Dragon Ball Super Spoilers: Something Big Will Be Unveiled This April, Find Out What Here!

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Dragon Ball Super

If there?s one thing consistent about Dragon Ball Super, it is its constant updating of its theme song since Season One. According to Attack of the Fanboy, the anime is about to introduce a new theme this coming April with a possible feature schedule on episode 37 or 38.

The new theme song entitled ?Forever Dreaming? from the Japanese band, Czecho no Republic, is slated to grace the end credits of ?Dragon Ball Super?. Previous episodes, on the other hand, sought the talents of Good Morning America (Hello Hello Hello), Lacco Tower (Light Pink) and KeyTalk (Starring Star).

As for the preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 35, according to Breathecast, the episode has been moved to March 20 from its March 13 schedule. But with the episode?s supposed early preview being announced, leaks and rumors online about new spoilers were left circulating.

Apparently, viewers will see more action from Vegeta and Frost. The fight is almost expected, considering the episode?s title, ?Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta?s All-Out Battle!? More Dragon Ball Super spoilers include the revelation of Frost?s real identity and the character who brought down Goku and Piccolo.

Vegeta will play the role of the vengeful character and use his power to teach Frost a lesson. Despite Frost?s deliberate cheating on the tournament, Vegeta will try to stop the ones who try to disqualify him, in hopes of being able to fight him, where Vegeta thinks he can easily defeat Frost.

Episode 36 is slated to come out on the 27th of March carrying the title ?An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta?s Explosion of Rage!? In another post by Attack of the Fanboy, episode 37, despite having no confirmed title, is scheduled to launch on the 3rd of April. The plot says ?Vegeta?s next opponent is the Saiyan from Universe 6, Cabba. Cabba shows he fights evenly with Vegeta even in his base form, but says he can?t transform into Super Saiyan.?

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