Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc News: New Leak Shows Gohan and Android 17 Back in Action

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Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc news suggests that the heroes will do a dramatic slow walk. Goku and the rest of the heroes are all dressed up as Dragon Ball Super gears up for a brand new arc. The new story is believed to have leaked before the arc kicks off on February 5th.

A Twitter post seems to have leaked what will happen next in Dragon Ball Super. It was revealed that Yamcha gets his scar fixed and becomes the badass hero in the New Dragon Ball Super Space Survival arc. The said post was accompanied with hastag #FineItIsGohanButLetMeDream.

For many fans the appearance of Gohan keeps them more hyped up to see the new Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc. Gohan is a character that majority of DBS fans are hoping to see and apparently he?ll be back in action.

Gohan is not the only one that is making a comeback. Even Android 17 will be returning too. It is definitely a surprising comeback and fans are arguably excited.

Dragon Ball Super Fans can only hope that Gohan is truly back in action and that his appearance will last for several episodes. Spoilers for the highly anticipated Space Survival Arc claim that Android 17 will join the Z fighters in their adventure in Space.

Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc Air Date

Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc is slated to air on February 5, 2017 in Japan. Fans in the United States will be delighted to know that it is slated for a US release on February 4. No other additional details were released.

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Some fans are worried that the leak is fake because of the simplicity of the design. Check out the new scan for Dragon Ball Super here. Keep it here at TheBitbag for more Dragon Ball Super Space Survival Arc news and updates.

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