Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Soon In Netflix? Producer Skeptical With Partnership

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Dragon Ball Super

Toei Animation, a popular japanese animation studio, known for producing Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon, and One Piece to name a few, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this Sunday.

Other popular series they produced are Digimon, Pretty Cure, Space Battleship Yamato, and Slam Dunk Movie which gave them success and recognition, not just in Japan, but all over the world.

In line with their 60th anniversary, Animax Broadcast Japan will air a 29-hour show this weekend dedicated to Toei?s years of providing high-quality and high-value animations. The channel will also feature Toei?s well-loved characters. Toei also started a new youtube channel where they feature free episodes and movies they produced over their 60 years in the business. Check it out here. This youtube channel is open until July 2017.

Asia Nikkei reported that Toei Animation?s net sales for the year increased 10.9% year-on-year making it their second highest level ever. Their operating profit also grew by 91.1% to a record high at 7.6 billion yen ($71.4 M).

So it?s no surprise that Netflix, an online streaming website leader with 83M subscribers worldwide, would approach Toei as well for a tie-up on creating original animation stories. This could give Toei a higher global success but Chairman, Kozo Morishita, remains skeptical. ?It sounds like a chance for expanding to overseas markets, but the tie-ups could restrict us from working freely. For example, we could be forced to changing storylines.? Morishita said.

In the meantime, while Morishita thinks of a better way to safeguard their artistic and editorial independence, Netflix will remain as another streaming source for some of Toei?s popular animation.?

Dragon Ball Super


Anime has been one of Japan?s key-driver for their tourism campaign ?Cool Japan? which aims to promote japanese youth culture abroad. Morishita also said that Dragon Ball Super?and Sailor Moon have become a ?common language? among fans across the globe.

Should Toei partner with Netflix for an original anime project? Let us know what you think on the comments section below.

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