Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 10 Spoiler: Why Hit Is Going To Be The Next Major Villain

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Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 10 has not been released yet, and it is clearly being left out by the anime series of the franchise. But, it seems like both series are taking the same path of storyline so it is safe to assume that all speculations are applicable to both of them.

If fans have already watched episode 34 of the DBS anime, then they already know that Goku and Piccolo was defeated by Frost, and Saiyan Prince Vegeta will be the next one to face the Universe 6?s warrior. Meanwhile, in the manga series, the showdown between Goku and Frost has just began and it is just getting interesting, which is clearly outdated by its animated version.

Having mentioned that two of Universe 7 fighters fell short to Frost, it is already obvious what chapter 10 of the manga series will unfold. However, aside from that, there could be a possible turn of events in the upcoming episodes of both the series.

It was previously speculated that the stoic Hit, a fighter from Universe 6, is going to interrupt the bout between Vegeta and Frost, and it just supports the reports saying that the character could be the next major villain in the series, like Frieza and Cell. But, what are the chances of it happening?

In a list made by Design & Trend, here are the reasons why Hit is going to be the next huge foe for Goku and his squad:

  • The Dragon Ball Super Poster

Dragon Ball Poster

It is already a given fact that Goku is the centerpiece of the franchise. The story followed his life since he was a kid and the hero has been involved in most fights, both minor and major showdowns. It is also evident on the poster of DBS as Goku leads the team of Universe 7.

Meanwhile, for Universe 6, it is Hit who was placed in front of the team, which would generally suggest that he is the strongest opponent the opposing team would face. However, there are still no clear indications how powerful the character is.

  • The Character?s Looks

Hit?s appearance is speaking for himself as to how strong the character could be. Just like the final transformation of Cell and Kid Buu, he also has this stoic face that can create an intimidating presence. Design & Trend also mentioned that Hit has not talked a lot since his first appearance, which is so typical for major villains.

  • Strongest Among Other Universe 6?s Fighters

Well, aside from the poster, Hit is really believed to be hiding his powers deep down so the other team would not have any hint about his strength. Plus, his silence would make the fans think that the character is confident about his skills and capabilities during a fight. In addition, although Magetta also looks like a powerful opponent, he does not possess the same intimidating aura like Hit has, so, the latter will likely be the next major villain.

The release of Dragon Ball Super manga episode 10 is still to be announced, while episode 35 of the anime series is delayed for a week and will be released on March 20, 2016.

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