Dragon Ball Super: Shenron Grants Fans? Wishes and Improves Animation

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known and well-loved anime around the world, EVER. Its popularity has been as legendary as the Dragon Balls themselves, amassing a loyal and wide fan-base among 80s kids (who are now adults) and 2000s kids, alike. Even after being one of the longest running manga-anime franchises and decades of adventures, Dragon Ball continues to grow as an international pop phenomenon, offering new and old fans with a revamped installment- Dragon Ball Super.

With the TV anime release of Dragon Ball Super last year, die-hard and long-time fans of Dragon Ball looked forward to rejoining Goku and the rest of the gang in what was hoped to be a spectacular animation, character storylines, and the fights (how can we leave out the FIGHTS!?). But many were disappointed, reacting negatively about the story and drawings. Fans took to the net and voiced their frustration and disappointment because of the below-par quality. Most of them pointed out that despite being backed by one of the leading, most famous and biggest studios (Toei) in the anime industry, Dragon Ball Super still fell short, especially when placed side by side with other current anime, and even the older Dragon Ball cartoons produced by the studio. Admittedly, creator Akira Toriyama also had something to say about it on the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Book. See it here.

We at TheBitBag, searched within top forums and discussion boards on what fans really think. Here are the top comments (and memes!).

Toei is playing it safe – Fans speculate that maybe this is a strategy to which Toei is trying to make DBS relevant to the younger generation. Following the comical art and plot of One Punch Man.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Animation Quality

Rushed Animation – Fans think that DBS animators are overworked and given tight deadlines… And maybe not even paid well. There are rumors circulating that Toei is producing beyond their means with so much project on hand such as One Punch Man, Sailor Moon Crystal, One Piece, to name a few.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Animation Quality

Worse than a kid?s drawing – pertaining to episode 5: Goku versus Beerus.?

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super-Episode5-Animation-Quality-8

Dragon Ball Super was probably made using FLASH?

Dragon Ball Super

5th Episode Dragon Ball Super

New Dragon Ball Super Opening featuring Bad Animation (Fan made). Watch it here.

But long-term fans can relax now, as Toei immediately took to pen and ink to address the concerns of Dragon Ballers (well somehow) showing better and obviously improved animation in the DVD release. You can even see comparisons here.?Fans must have convened with all their Dragon Balls to summon Shenron for this.

Hopefully, the quality remains consistent (or better!) to keep fans chala-head-chalaing to one of the most beloved anime in history.

Dragon Ball Super features a new storyline that started from the events in the last two Dragon Ball Z films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ?F?. It then proceeded to tell stories about the exploration of other universes and the reemergence of Future Trunks and a new threat to his Earth known as Goku Black. Produced by Toei Animation that began airing last July 5, 2015. (wiki)

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