Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc: ‘Black’ Threatens Humanity

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Latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super have entered a new arc, particularly the 47th installment, which introduced the Black Goku, a villain who wants to eliminate the Saiyan race in the entire world. Now, the fate of the Earth is solely on the hands of Future Trunks, as he tries to defeat the formidable opponent.

With the appearance of Black Goku, fans have already speculated things about the character as well as the future of the series. Some fans believe that the real Goku and Vegeta will eventually fight the villain but will die because of it. There are also predictions that Goku will discover a new Super Saiyan transformation that will surpass the previous ones to defeat his dark counterpart. However, these are just fan-based speculations and the arc is still far from the fight all the fans have been waiting for.

In Episode 48 of the anime series titled ?Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up In the Present,? Future Trunks was able to travel back in time and landed on the present time. Now, just to give a quick recap, it was in the 47th installment when the Black Goku appeared in the future. The villain killed the Future Bulma and Future Mai, which left Future Trunks really devastated.

The Saiyan then fought with the Black Goku but the latter was just too much for him. It gave him no other option but to use the time machine his mother created to travel to the present time to seek for help from Present Goku and Present Vegeta.

Fast forward to the recent episode, Future Trunks landed on Earth exhausted, the present Trunks saw him and was confused as to what was happening. Present Bulma then came to attend to her son from the future. While Future Trunks was resting, Present Trunks helped Goku and Vegeta, both at that time were training with Whis on Beerus? planet, get back to Earth by powering up his Ki for Goku to detect it and use his instant transmission technique.

When Goku and Vegeta arrived, Future Trunks already took a sensu bean to regenerate his powers and to heal his wounds. However, upon seeing the Present Goku, he immediately thought of the Black one who killed his mother. As a result, Future Trunks attacked Goku, but luckily, the latter was able to block the former?s blows.

The episode ended with that scene which definitely makes the next episode more interesting. How do you think Goku and Vegeta will defeat the Black Goku? Do you think the two will really die in the upcoming episodes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 titled ?A Message From the Future – Goku Black Invades!? is going to air on June 26, 2016.

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