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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 71 and 72 Spoilers: Will Gohan Seek Revenge For Goku?s Death

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Titles and official synopsis for Dragon Ball Super episodes 71 and 72 were revealed. The upcoming saga of the anime TV series will see an exciting battle. ?The fight involves Hitman Hit and Son Goku.

Spoilers reveal that Son Goku will die by the hands of Hitman Hit. If rumors are true, seeing Son Goku die would surely be a heartbreaking scenario. The death of Son Goku will cause Gohan to seek revenge.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 is titled Death of Goku! The Hit-Job That Can’t Be Refused. The official synopsis for the said episode reveals that Hit will make a grand comeback. The legendary assassin is geared to end the life of Son Goku.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super assume that there is a mastermind behind Goku?s assassination. Hit isn?t the type who would take care of the dirty job if not for the sake of money. The mastermind is expected to be revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 71. The episode is set to air on Dec. 18.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 72

Episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super, on the other hand, is titled Can You Counterattack?! An Invisible Assassination Technique. This episode will see the ending of Goku?s battle against Hit. Unfortunately, it might also see the end of Goku?s life.

Rumor has it that Goku will be knocked down flat on the ground. Some viewers many find it hard to believe that the main protagonist of the anime TV series will meet his demise. But it seems Goku?s death is bound to happen anyway in Episode 72. The said episode will air on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

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Dragon Ball Super episodes 71 and 72 are rumored to be a precursor to the next big arc of the TV series. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more DBS news and spoilers.


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